Non formal

Introduction to Non Formal

Non formal education is unquestionably the most elusive and ill-defined sector of distance educators’ work world-wide. The label gets pasted on such diverse activities as health education, agricultural education and training for farmers, women’s group activities, income-generation activities, adult literacy classes, leisure time education for adults, Health awareness campaigns, and work-based training at worker and Agriculture sector in rural areas.

Through non formal education JSS MVP is emphasizing on the dynamic nature of the education and learning process through various programs. This also allows for a process of change over time.  The impact of such programs on societies and their development has witnesses a sea change in recent years.

JSS MVP strongly believe that change in Society can be brought in many ways and hence robustly promotes various means through which communities need to dovetail their sustainability efforts. It strongly believes as communities develop sustainability goals, local systems and programs can help the population to improve their lives.

It aims to help and accomplish this ambition by seeking and harnessing novel and ground-breaking technology to achieve their goal and help rural communities be part of the change and benefit with the available local resources and participate in innovative methods and over the years be part of the large-scale social impact.