JSS TTI (D.Ed.,), Huvinahadagali, Near gadidurugamma Temple,Huvinahadagali,Bellary Dist

This institution is established in Dec 2004, located in North-East part of Karnataka in a taluk head quarter, Huvinadagali in Bellary Dist. It is known for the fragrance of jasmine flowers. The area is having black sail. So fertile for cultivation of jower sunflower, cotton, etc.

His holiness Sri Sri Sutturu Deshikendra swamiji Thought of to start some educational institutions in this part of Karnatsaka to provide education to the needy people. So that start this area will be benefited. The motivation behind this is Sri M.P. Prakash, Minister for Revenue and Muzarahi who brought the idea for sprouting this existing institution at Huvinahadagali.

 Sri M.P. Prakash belongs to this Constitutency. His mail intention was to develop this area in the field of education, agriculture etc. He has been trying to improve this place from the lost three decades. By consulting his HOliness he has brought this institution to this place and giving all dort of co-operation to run this institution effectually.

In the beginning the college was running at "Bala Bhavana" in the heart of the constriction of college building. The estimated amount for the construction is six crores. From a couple of months, the college is shifted from rented building to the ownbuilding which is five kilometers away from the town.

At present institution is having all needed infrastruicture and staff members. All staff members are young and dynamic in their attitudes.

The intake of the institution is 100.  Among hundred, 50 students from the government and other 50 students from the management.  This vocational course duration is 10 months.  At present we have 89 students  from government as well as management sheet.