JSS TTI (D.Ed.,), Doddakadanur,Holenarsipur Taluk, Hassan Dist.

Doddakadanur is a village in Holenarasipura Taluk.It is located in the way between K.R.Nagar and Holenarasipur.Even though it has river Hemavathi,so many area of this taluk is dry land.This is an economically,socially,educationally and culturally backward area,understanding this situation of the area.His Holiness Jagadguru  Sri Shivarahree Rajendra Maha Swamy was started this Teacher's Training Institution in 1986 for the people who were socially,educationally,backward.2+2 sections were started one for ladies and another for gents.The Institution is continuing its service for the poor people to educate them.So for the institution has trained so many candidates to become good teachers and they are working in different institutions.Most of the candidates trained in our institution are from rural area.Most of our students are appointed in Government Schools.Few are working in different private schools.Every year our institution is getting a good result.

Our teachers have put a lot of efforts to train up the teacher trainees not only train the point view of good results but ask from the point of social,ecnomical,ethical,development.

Even the trainees are working hard and trying to earn fame and name by participating in curricular and co-curricular activities.

Admission for D.Ed. 2012-2013