JSS Sanskrit Pathashala, Chamarajanagara

Established in the year 1968-1969.
In the world 10,000 more languages are available, among all the languages sanskrit is one of the very imporant language.It is a very rich and very resourceful language.Sanskrit language gives very great epics written very good and great poets,the Slokas and moral sentences of the Sanskrit language is very beautiful and attractive if any orator use sanskrit-sloka in his speech.The speech is very good .The speech influenced the audience well the orator attracted the audience and giving his melodies speech.

Jagadguru Sri Shivarathri Rajendra Swamigalu listened the importance of Sanskrit language than he was started Snaskrit Pathashala the sixteen century kannada poet Sarvagna stress the education of the people pujya Jagadguru Sri Sri Shivarathri Rajendra Swamigalu also think about the education of the common people and set up many sanskrit schools.

Among all Patashala five patashala in village areas only sixteen sanskrit teachers and one none teaching staff working these patashala's one thousand boys.Students and two hundred girls.Students standing these patashala's.

Among ten patashala four patashala's got government aid all four patashals's teacher's get government salary and working and remaining six patashala teacher's salary maintained by J.S.S Vidyapeetha ,mysore holiness Sri Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra Swamigalu encouraged the Sanskrit language education.

His holiness Jagadguru Sri Sri Shivarathri Rajendra Swamigalu started Snaskrit Patashala in the year 1968-1969.Two teacher's working this patashala.There are five classes Prathama I,II,III and kavya I,II.One fifty students studying this patashala where they were coming from village area only the students of these patashala learning Sanskrit very well year to the result is very good and patashala is very famous the patashala secured 98% result and is considered and praised by publics.

The patashala enouraged extra curricular activities also the patashala conducted the sports and cul;tural activities also every year patashala celebrated independence day,Teacher's day,Children's day and Jagadguru Sri Sri Shivarathri Rajendra Swamiji Jayanthi with grand manner and Sanskrithosava also.

The patashala's ex students working good position they service to the sociality