JSS "Sahana" Integrated & Special School for Disabled" Jayanagar, Bangalore.

J.S.S. 'Sahana was established in 1984 with only 3 children and a teacher in a small room in the premises of J.S.S High School,Jayanagar,Bangalore.

Gradually over the years the number of children increased as the institute became popular through service oriented activities.Within a span of 2 to 3 years J.S.S 'Sahana' could reach the hearts of many special parents and' secured a firm place in the field of education of children with Special needs.Ever since,'Sahana' has continued with dedicated foot-steps on the ladder of success.Today ''Sahana" Integrated School.and J.S.S 'Sahana' Special School for the Mentally Challenged.

J.S.S 'Sahana' Integrated School provides service to the Special Educational Needs Children in and otside the mainstream education.Children with special needs are identified,assessed and prepared in the areas of deficits,so thatthey can work on par with their normal peers.A well-established educational plan provides the necessary guidelines in the tacking the problem areas and many a times it is these special children,who shine above the rest and bring laurels to the institution.

J.S.S 'Sahana' Special School was established along side the integrated school to reach those special kids who are always negated by school admissions.These children with intellectual impairment need a programme tailored to their abilities and requirements.A functional academic programme coupled with skill-oriented training has been organised in this Special School.

Apart from regular education JSS Sahana provides various facilities such as training in self help skills,social and speech therapy,pre-vocational,vocational ,training etc.

Specially trained and dedicated teachers have ben educating these special children through individual programmes,various educational aids and equipments are provided for children to enrich their experiences.Periodical Parents Meetings,Sibling Counselling and Peer group awareness programmes are organised to enchance their knowledge about Children with Special Needs.

Special Children have been trained in various aport activities.These Children have partcipated in State,National and even International levels and have brought laurels to the Institution.