JSS Research Foundation (JSSRF)

JSS Research Foundation was established during the year 2000-01 by the JSS Mahavidyapeeta, Mysore, to promote the Research and Development in Science and Technology. The main aim of the foundation is to serve as a forum to fullfill the needs of the society in general and render service in the nation building research activities in particular. It offers programmes leading to Ph.D and M.Sc. (Engg.) by Research degrees. JSSRF is affiliated to the University of Mysore from the year 2001-2002.

The activities of the research foundation are managed by a Governing Council presided over by the president of the JSS Mahavidyapeeta consisting of eminent professors in the field of Science and Technology and administrators. The JSS Research Foundation includes all Colleges under the management of JSS Mahavidyapeeta.


  • Computer science
  • Electronic Science
  • Environmental
  • Polymer Science
  • Management Studies
  • Urban Planning
  • Rural Planning


All the departments of several colleges under JSS Mahavidyapeetha have qualified, experienced, and motivated Prof.s and Asst. Prof.s with well established Research laboratories. All laboratories have qualified and experienced Technical Personnel.

All the senior faculties have been recognized by the University of Mysore as Guides for the Ph.D degree research work. All of them have several Publications in National and International Journals. They have attended and preseented several papers National and Inter National Conferences. Some of them have published books useful for both staff and students in subjects pertaining to latest developments.

All the staff are involved several co-curricular activities, social, cultural, sports and community ( both rural and urban) services.