JSS High School, Sidhartha nagar, Mysore.

This School was started in the Year 1980-81

The school was situated in the out skirt of Mysore city in the begining. This area was surrounded by villages and the people were labourers and economically back ward with the request of the local leaders holiness Jagadguru opened this school. With a Intension of providing education to the children those who were coming from rural and economically back ward areas, By the grace of Swamiji this was started as part of JSS High school Ramanuja road Mysore with only 53 students. It was saparated from the above school and recognised by the commissioner of education department Bangalore as a separate school as per the order No.E-(s) etc 2:86-87 Dated 15-7-1986

Now there are more than three hundred students with highest percantage of result and is continuing as one of the reputed school in the locality.