JSS Girls High School, Yelandur,Chamarajanagara District

J.S.S Girls High School was started during the year 1981 at Yelandur,Chamarajanagara District.Yelandur is a place for well known scholars,Nature lovers,artists.The place has many temples and buildings of dewan's time.Even though it has a historical background,progress in educational field is slow.Thus by recognizing the importance of education at Yelandur,JSS Mahavidyapeetha has sarted J.S.S Girls High School during the year 1981.The School is situated at the center place of taluk and nearer to the bus stand.

The Institution has its own building and has beautiful Campus with required Infrastructure.The institution has well qualified and experienced staff.The building has spacious rooms,well-equipped Science lab,computer lab,Library hall,reading room and sufficient Sports materials.

The Students Cultural union carryout number of activities throughout the year which takes care of full involvement and participation of all the students.National festivals and days of national importance are observed and special lectures by the resource persons will be  arranged on these days.Students participated in J.S.S inter school cultural and sports competitions held at suttur every year which was organised by J.S.S Mahavidyapeetha.

An educational tour was conducted for the students.The institution has released its first college magazine'PRANATI' during the year 2008.

Thus the institution is working hard,in both academic and non-academic areas for their better future.