JSS Girls High School,Chamarajanagara

Chamarajanagar is the border district of Karnataka.It has its own historical,geographical and cultural heritage.Aricutara  is the ancient name  of this town.The wodeyar of Mysore Sri Chamaraj Wodeyar was born on 1st March 1774 in Chamarajanagar.Krishnaraja Wodeyar IIIrd named Aricutara as Chamarajanagar in memory of his father Chamaraja Wodeyar.In 1826 Krishnaraja Wodeyar built Chamarajeshwara Temple in memory of his father.This temple is located at the center place of the city attracts many devotees and also many beautiful temples are built by mysore Wodeyars at Ummattur etc in Chamarajanagar Taluk.

In Southern side of Chamarajanagar NIlagiri hills and the esatern side there is B.R.Hills.In north side T.Narasipura and to the west Nanjangud and Gundlupet Taluk are located.Suvarnavathi and Chikkhole dams providing water for drinking and irrigation.Here we see red and black soils.Food and commercial crops are growing in this area.Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of Chamarajanagar.

Social condition is also good.Hindus,Muslims,Christians and others are living together.

For the education purpose Sri Sri Sri Shivarathri Rajendra Mahaswamiji had opened the High School in 1957 at Chamarajanagar town.Later it became a big school in the taluk.

In 1986 this school was separate as Boys High School and Girls High School.At present there are 9 sections[8,9,10 and each has 3 sections].423 students  studied in the last academic year and 73% students were passed in the S.S.L.C examination held in 2007-2008.This school also has good atmosphere and its own discipline.