JSS Boys High School, Chamarajanagara

Chamarajanagar district as well as taluk having its own geographical and cultural back ground. The old name of chamarajanagar "Arikutara" has been changed on March first 1774 as it was the birth day of Jaichamaraja wodeyar who ruled Mysore state. After the death of his father Mummadi Krishnaraja wodeyar came to power, In his memory he changed the name Arikatara as chamarajanagar gradually the  city  developed majestically. In the name of chamaraja wodeyar, he built the temple chamarajeshwara in the year 1826. This beautiful temple is in the heart of the city and attracts many devotees.

The Arasu of the state has built many beautiful temples at Haradanahalli and ummtur of the chamarajanagar taluk.

Geographically chamarajanagar is the central place, about 45kms far it has Biligiriranga Swamy Hill (BRH) to its south it is bounded by Nilgiri Hills. To its north T Narsipura taluk and to its west Gunlupet and Nanjangud taluk are situated.

Rivers suvarnavathi and chikkahole flows here, which are very useful for drinking water and irrigation facilities. This taluk has red and black soil, helps to both food and commercial crops. The main occupation of the people is agriculture.

Socially majority of the people belong to Hindus, muslims, christians and jains are too,who are leading peaceful life and has good hormony in the society, In the year 1958 Sri Sri Sri Shivarathri Swamiji had established JSS High School to educate the poor people, mean while it has been the biggest institution of chamarajanagar district, by and by the strength of the students are increasing day by day , Acadimacally this institution is showing good improvement in the quality of education and strength of the School.

Now Boys High Scholl has  12 section of 8th, 9th and 10th standard of both English and Kannada medium. It has totally 597 students and is known for maintaining disciplene and good quality.