The college is attached to the JSS Medical college , Mysore and JSS Medical College Hospital which is a 1200 bed multi specialty hospital which provides excellent exposure to the
students in clinical training.

The teaching faculty is well qualified, experienced and dedicated which creates an excellent & inspiring milieu for a student to become a skilled physiotherapist. In addition, the supportive & enterprising staff encourages research and ensures a rewarding career.

The department is well equipped with all the latest equipments to provide efficient therapeutic support, State of the Art equipment by way of Electro- Myography, Laser, Bio-feedback and exercise equipment like Therapeutic Gym & treadmill have recently been acquired.

General Facilities

Hostel Accommodation

Hostel Accommodation is available on demand separately for  boys and girls Student's whishing to live outside are permitted to do so by submitting a written consent form the
parent / guardian. They have to make their own transport arrangement. The parents have to give two local addresses where their son/daughter can stay overnight with permission. A written consent from the Principal is required for sleeping out and leaving station. No valuable (jewels) are permitted in the rooms. The management does not own the responsibility in case of losses.

Library facility:

College has very good library: latest books and journals for study and research.

Health facility:

The services of J.S.S.Hospital, Ayurvedic Hospital and Out Patient Departments are available to the students at the time of illness.

Counselling and Guidance:

The Student's personal problems are looked into and necessarycounseling and guidance is given by the concerned stay.Postal and banking Facilities: These services are available near to J.S.S.Hospital.

Computer laboratory.

The computer laboratory of the college is well equipped with the latest computers. The laboratory is exclusively used by the physiotherapy students for their computer learning.


The library has a good collection of books, periodicals and journals related to physiotherapy and other sciences. It also has a reference section which is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. More books and journals are being continuously added to update the library.

Presently there are about 2000 books in the library. It receives about 5 national and international journals. Some of the important journals received are the American journal of physiotherapy education, & Physiotherapy Canada.
The library also has a collection of CD ROMs like med line and pub-med which provide both abstracts and full text of articles published in about 258 international journals and is updated every month. It is available both in the CD ROM and microfiche format.

The digital library has been set up with internet connection which helps to access the Helinet; A consortium of e-books & e- Journals provided by the RGIUHS, Bangalore. This also provides email services to all the staff and students of the college.

Library rules

  1. Library works from 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. except on Sundays and General holidays and between 10 AM to 8.30 PM for a period of 1 month before & during the examinations. 
  2. All the staff and students of that academic year are eligible for the library membership. They should collect their identity cards and library cards and produce them whenever required.
  3. Strict silence and discipline in / around the library should be maintained, failing which strict action will be taken and will not be allowed to use the library facilities.
  4. Note: Visitors / old students are allowed to use the library on request.

  5. BPT and MPT students are eligible for 2, 3 and 5 borrower tickets each respectively. Books are issued against these cards and only one book will be issued to a ticket.
  6. Journals, old question papers etc. has to be referred within the library only.
  7. Lending of books from the lending section will be stopped one week before the final
  8. Every member should return all the books borrowed during that year and collect a "No Dues" certificate from the library at the end of every academic year.

Library services

The right book for the right person at the right time is the motto of the library. In order to satisfy the users needs the library provides the following services

  1. Reference service: The section is open from 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. except on Sundays. It has a copy of all the materials procured by the library and it is for use within the library only.
  2. Borrowing service: This section has a collection of all the textbooks and other important reference materials. They are issued out of the library for a period of one week. The section works from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  3. Overnight borrowing: The collection of the reference section is for use within the library only. But even they are issued out everyday one hour before closing i.e. at 7 p.m. They should be returned the immediate next day before 9 a.m. If not, a fine of Rs 5 per book per hour will be collected. If not returned even after 3 hours of delay, he/she will not be allowed to use the service in future. The titles available in the lending section will not be issued under this service.
  4. Double deposit scheme: At the end of the academic year when the borrowing services are stopped the students can borrow the books under this scheme. They should deposit double the current rate of the required book. The amount is completely refundable if the borrowed material is returned in good condition and in time.
  5. Audio/video services: This section has a collection of educational audio and video cassettes for use within the section only.
  6. Computer based services: This section has a collection of CD ROM databases like Medline, IPA, and TOEFL etc. They are for use within the section. It also has connection to the internet. Staff and students can use the facility for their academic purposes.
  7. Interlibrary service: If any required information is not available within the library, the same will be procured from other libraries where it is available. The request should be given through the librarian.

For any other information, the Librarian may be contacted at any time between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.