• Good Sports Facility Available


Anatomy and Physiology:

  • Dissection Theatre with adequate facility and museum with models and preserved organs
  • Laboratory for hematology and bedside training for determination of Prakruti, sara and samhanana etc


  • Identification of Dry and Fresh plant materials
  • Clinical pharmacology for single herb therapy (Ekamoolika Prayoga)
  • Preliminary phyto-chemical analysis

Rasashastra and Bhaishajya kalpana:

  • Identification of minerals and metals
  • Purificatory procedures and
  • Preparation  of herbo-mineral formulations


  • Purificatory procedures for herbs
  • Preparation of herbal formulations
  • Different formulations and dosage forms like asava, arishta, lehya, Kshara, gutika, etc.,


  • Well developed museum for toxicology and forensic medicine


  • Our students are staying in our JSS Medical College Hostels (Boys & Girls)


  • The students and teachers are updated with the advanced information in the field, through 30 various journals as well as an access to Internet.
  • Separate reference facilities for both students and staff are made available

Dhanvantari Mulikavana (Herb garden):

  • Garden consisting more than 500 species in multiples, which fulfills the need of fresh plant material to hospital.
  • A mini Herb garden is, also developed for demonstration purpose that enables the students to identify the plants used in Ayurveda more aptly