Clinical trainee

The Major thrust of the training will be in the evaluation and treatment of varieties of speech, language and hearing disorders, including bedside evaluation and treatment in the hospital set up, on hand training in the application of various instruments used for the evaluation and treatment of patients with speech and hearing disorders.

Speech and Hearing camps

As part of clinical activity, the staff and students of the institute conduct and attend speech and hearing camps organized by Rotary and Lion clubs in various places. This helps in bringing awareness among rural population regarding speech and hearing problem and about remedies available.

Infant screening

Infant screening of all newborn babies are carried out at JSS Hospital. High Risk factor infants are identified. Mothers are counseled regarding speech and hearing problems and its prevention.

Screening of School Children

Screening of school children is a regular program. Staff and student go to various school to carryout audio logical and speech evaluation of all children in the school, identify the children with hearing and speech problem and suitable remedial measures are advised and Follow up is undertaken.


Counselling of children and adults who attend speech and hearing clinic is an I integral part of the clinical activity. After diagnosis of each case they are counselled in detail about their problem and remedial measures to be taken up.


Ear mould Laboratory
The Ear mould laboratory is well equipped to make hard as well as soft custom ear molds. The students are also trained in making ear moulds.

Hearing Aid Laboratory

Hearing aids are serviced here for cases who attend the clinic.

Electronics Laboratory

Electronic laboratory is equipped to teach basics in electronics and maintenance and repairs of audiometers, hearing Aids and other equipment in the Institute and clinics. The laboratory is equipped with Function Generator, Oscilloscope, Digital Trainer kit, Digital Multimeter, DC power supply, SPL meter, Calibration of various equipment, computers and lap top, maintenance of Speech science and Hearing Science Labs.

Speech Science and Hearing Science Laboratories

The speech science and hearing science labs are established to train the students in the basic as well as advanced knowledge about hearing, speech and language. The computers are loaded with software to help them learn to analyze normal as well as pathological aspects of speech productions, hearing, and also about anatomy, linguistics, phonetics, articulation, hearing process etc.

Hostel Facilities

Hostel with accommodation & mess is available for ladies.

Health Care

Annual medical checkup and medical care by specialists of the Medical College Hospital is available to the students of the Institute.

Student Welfare

Students counseling and interaction with the staff is available. Parents will be intimated regarding the student's well being and progress. The parents have easy access to the Director and other staff of the institute to get information regarding their wards.

Co-curricular activities

Sports and cultural abilities of the students are nurtured, and every year they have participated in various cultural events and have won laurels for individuals and for the institute.

Foreign Students

Foreign students are also welcome to join the institute. Every care is taken to make them feel homely by individual interaction with staff and students.


The library has more than 2915 books, apart from International and Indian Journals in the field of speech and hearing and allied subjects, Ph.D., thesis's and dissertations, Manuals and test materials. There is ample space for reading with internet facility