Candidates who satisfy the following conditions are eligible to seek registration for Ph.D.

  • Masters Degree or any other degree/diploma of the UNIVERSITY OF MYSORE or any other degree/diploma reorganization as equivalent thereto with a minimum of 55% marks or an equivalent grade. However, this condition may be relaxed 50% in case of SC/ST & Cat-I candidates and in-service candidates with five years of experience.
  • The candidate has to enroll in the university department/institute recognized by the university for the purpose of research.
  • A Candidate has to be guided by a research guide recognized by the University who holds a position in a university department or an institute recognized by the university for the purpose of research.
  • In case where the research of a candidate is interdisciplinary in nature, the candidate may opt for one or two co-guides, who shall also be the recognized guides of the University Of Mysore.
    However, the main responsibility of supervising the research work is vested with the guide and the candidate shall finalize and submit the thesis through the guide.
  • Candidates With fellowship/ Stipend from any funding agency will be treated as “Doctoral Students with Fellowship or stipend” and those without fellowship as “Doctoral students without fellowship/stipend”.
  • The applications of the “Doctoral students without fellowship/stipend” have to be cleared by the Departmental Council/Head of the Institute/Chief Executive JSS Research Foundation (CE JSSRF) and subsequently the permission to undertake research work leading to Ph.D degree has to be obtained from the Registrar, University of Mysore. Such candidates have to pay the prescribed fees to the university/institute. In the university/departments/institutes, wherever infrastructural requirements and facilities including chemicals etc., are required, the departmental council/head of the Institute has to decide as to the number of “Doctoral students without fellowship” it can accommodate per faculty member, and in any case it shall not be more than two per teacher/faculty member, and in any case it shall not be more than two per teacher/faculty at a time, without projects.
  • Candidates should have gone through the regulations and guidelines for Ph.D prior to registration/enrollment. The Regulation and guidelines have to be provided either electronically or through printed material (on payment of a fee)
  • Candidates who would like to pursue doctoral programme should be enrolled as “Doctoral Students’ by paying stipulated fee to the University along with duly filled- in application form to the registrar, University of Mysore through the Guide and the Head of the department/Institution.


  • Applications for enrollment and Registration are accepted throughout the year.
  • Doctoral students are eligible to apply for provisional registration six months after enrollment. However candidates with M.Phil. or equivalent research experience/course work are exempted from this condition.
  • The doctoral candidates have to submit three copies of the Ph.D registration synopsis through the Guide to the Chairman of the Doctoral committee. The chairman of the Doctoral committee shall organize the meeting of the Doctoral committee within fifteen days of the receipt of synopsis to conduct the pre-registration colloquium of the candidate. The chairman is required to forward the application within three days after colloquium.
  • Candidates should take care to ensure that the synopsis shall define clearly the objectives, methodology, expected results and their implications in terms of filling up the gaps in existing knowledge and its social/scientific relevance. The candidate shall prepare a brief technical report comprising of literature survey/work plan and the scientific relevance of the proposed research and shall present it in the form of a colloquium before the Doctoral committee whose composition is defined in 2.5 of the Mysore University Ph.D., regulation. The Doctoral committee shall assess the preparedness of the candidate for the research to be undertaken. It may, however, ask the candidate to present the colloquium again if the performance/preparedness of the candidate in the first instance is not satisfactory. Only one re-appearance is permitted. If the Doctoral committee does not approve the research proposal even after the second presentation, such candidates after a lapse of one year can again present the pre-registration colloquium after enrolling afresh.
  • The Doctoral committee by taking cognizance of the performance of the candidate during colloquium is authorized to suggest changes, if necessary, in the title/scope/methodology of the topics selected for research in consultation with the guide.
  • The Chairperson of the Doctoral committee shall inform the decision of the pre-registration colloquium to the Registrar (Evaluation) of the University as well as to the doctoral student within one week of the colloquium. On the recommendations of the Doctoral Committee, the candidate is permitted to apply for Registration.
  • After the pre-registration colloquium, application for registration with prescribed fees shall be submitted to the Registrar (Evaluation) of the University along with 15 copies of the synopsis through the guide and the Chairperson/Head of the Institution/ CE JSSRF. Incomplete application shall be returned to the candidate through the Head of the Department/Institution for needful action and the completed application has to be resubmitted to the Registrar (Evaluation) of the University through the Head of the Institution/ CE JSSRF.
  • The office of the Registrar (Evaluation) has to forward the application to the Chairperson of the Board of Studies within fifteen days of the receipt of the application. The Chairperson Board of Studies shall arrange to get the recommendations of the members within one month from the date of receipt of application from the Registrar (Evaluation) and shall inform the same to the University along with four copies of the approved synopsis. The Registrar (Evaluation) has to notify the Registration within fifteen days of the receipt of the Recommendations of the Board of Studies to the candidate/Guide/Department /Institute /Research Center/Doctoral committee members.
  • The Registration is valid for FIVE years only from the date of enrollment which is the date of Communication of enrollment issued by the Registrar.